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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Unveiling of New ID Website in Australia (2 comments)

Dembski points us to a new website, Intelligent Design Network Australia. Standard ID boilerplate except for one tiny phrase.

"We are not a religious group and we have no affiliation with any such group."

Not religious I can accept as theoretically possible, if doubtful.

But no affiliation?

Why are they hawking a "fabulous resource," Unlocking the Mysteries of Life, which is being mailed to Australian schools by Campus Crusade for Christ, and produced by a religious organization that has tried to hide behind two different names?

As a reviewer cited on IDNet writes,
UTMOL does not present as a proselytising documentary, but rather as a documentary which raises intriguing questions. For UTMOL to have real credibility however, there needs to be a totally transparent revelation as to who the major agencies were behind the making of UTMOL. If these should be Christian, then I do not believe there should be any attempt to disguise this fact....

If the distribution of UTMOL was to be undertaken by Christian organisations, I think this might compromise its acceptance, for it could be interpreted as proselytising. It would be good to have UTMOL endorsed by a secular organisation such as the Federation of Teachers, MCEETYA, or the Association of Independent Schools (AIS). If they were to endorse it and facilitate its distribution, it would greatly enhance its credibility and acceptance within Australian schools.
Oops--too late.

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  • From the new site: "ID has long been applied without much controversy in cosmology and physics, particularly to the initial conditions for the Big Bang and to the extremely narrow necessary values for the universal constants in physics. The main offending aspect of ID theory is the inference that some form of design is also necessary to account for evidence from the realm of Biology."

    Applied without controversy to physics? Not by any physicists I've heard of since Fred Hoyle.

    Whoever wrote this wasn't in my string theory class earlier this year when two of the students nearly came to blows over the fact that one of them kept trying to make the teacher admit that ID was a sound explanation for the universe's existence.

    And as for that disclaimer about it not being a religious organisation -- do those ID supporters hear the cock crowing?

    By Blogger beche-la-mer, at 4:35 PM  

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