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Monday, November 21, 2005

University of Iowa Petition to Unseat Intelligent Design (0 comments)

Basic reading comprehension is apparently not the strong suit of Dembski's sycophants. jboze3131 is perhaps the worst offender of the bunch. Consider:
Advocates of Intelligent Design claim the position of our planet and the complexity of particular life forms and processes are such that they may only be explained by the existence of a creator or designer of the universe.
So, we have this guys on record as saying that there’s no creator of designer of the universe. (Wait, I thought BioEvo never dealt with the origin of life or the origin of the universe.) Also, their claim is clearly atheism- which is clearly not a scientific claim.

They later contradict themselves and say whether you believe in a creator or not…

They just said that they want to suppress thought based on a creator and designer.
Jesus Christ on a pickle farm. They're not saying there's no designer, but that Intelligent Design is bad science. Or is Cardinal Schoenborn an atheist?

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