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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Scientific and Medical Network (0 comments)

Sez Dembski, "Let me encourage you to think seriously about supporting this organization."

Holy shit. No, really, there's no better description.

Read the member testimonies:
I would call myself a 'sensitive' and where I can, I inform researchers within the Scientific and Medical Network of any experiences which appear to be outside of normal consciousness....


I am also keen for a more enlightened approach to research into homoeopathy, focussing not on whether it 'works' but on what is actually happening when a remedy is prepared, when it is added to a biological system and thus understanding how homoeopathic remedies might have an effect....


My research area is in the field of non-locality of Consciousness. The emerging new models describing an active Aether can begin to account for many phenomena such as Healing, Synchronicity, Psychometry etc, currently not even considered in mainstream Science. The open mindedness implicit in the SMN philosophy is what Science should truly be about....
Or check out their recommended readings. Includes Al Gore's Earth in the Balance!

Seriously, Mr. Dembski, do you really support this organization, or do you just link to anyone you think is sympathetic, no matter how fringe, "out-there," or plain old loony they are?

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