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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science (0 comments)

When all else fails, grab the po-mo playbook. Denounce science as a "privileged" form of knowledge. Claim its practitioners are blinded by politics. Create a catalog of controversies and declare them all equivalent:
· Why fears of nuclear power aren’t science, but unscientific scaremongering · Why species are increasing, not disappearing · Why global warming (and other temperature changes) are not caused by humans (remember the Ice Age?) · Why embryonic stem cell research is snake oil medicine (which is why it needs government subsidies) · Why Darwinism is crumbling · Why the story line of the brave scientist Galileo versus an ignorant Church is wrong · And much, much more
Then put it all in one handy-dandy guide that will obviously give fair treatment to all the complexities.

No thanks. If I want informed science reportage, I'll read Ron Bailey or Carl Zimmer.

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