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Monday, November 28, 2005

"Ode to the Code" (2 comments)

Cambion takes on all comers:

“if something is actively selecting things out of a group, it must have purpose and meaning.”

What do you mean by this? I can take a magnet and pass it over a group of objects, and the magnet will ‘actively select’ those objects that have the opposite charge. Does the magnet have some ‘purpose’ or ‘meaning’ that I am not aware of?
While jay splits into a false dichotomy and asks a loaded question:
Now it’s realized that the genetic code is optimized for error reduction. And it’s all due to Darwinian evolution?

Darwinian evolution is also purported to explain non-optimal “apparent” design in nature, too? Which is it? And why wouldn’t Darwinian evolution make a trade-off between error minimization and some other property, such as overall speed of replication, as is done with error detection and correction codes by humans programmers?
(Of course, jay proffers no evidence that DNA's speed of replication is in fact optimal.)

And jimbo proves that a background in information systems doesn't equate to knowledge of evolutionary processes.
Can someone (Maybe Cambion) explain to me how an organism could survive a “mutation” in it’s genetic code? Wouldn’t that completly scramble every gene in it’s genome? It’s like reading ASCII with an EBCDIC translator - all you’d get is gibberish.

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  • hmm. you praise cambion for taking on all comers, yet you whine and moan nonstop claiming that dembski deletes any comments that are in disagreement with his theory.

    do you see the obvious contradiction here, stalker boy? by reading this obsessive blog, i doubt you do.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:43 PM  

  • I don't whine that Dembski deletes "any comments that are in disagreement with his theory." I note his blog-policing from time to time, since it's one of the reason this blog exists: to make sure every voice is heard, even the ones Dembski doesn't like.

    In general, it works like this: someone (like cambion) gets a few posts in, until Dembski gets "bored" of that person's insistent refutations, no matter if they're on-point, good-spirited, or who knows what. No one except Dembski knows, because he deletes all sorts of comments, from ones that are likely offensive to those that seem to have no "attitude" at all. Examples are all over the place; here's one (scroll down).

    Whining and moaning are a matter of taste; nonstop is a matter of degree. I challenge you, anonymous, to warrant either charge.

    Call me a stalker and call me obsessive, but at least acknowledge that on this website, you're guaranteed to have your say. Barring outright offensive or disgusting or criminal behavior, I'll never delete a post.

    I'm dead man enough to handle criticism, even sharply barbed criticism. I wish I could say the same for Dembski.

    By Blogger T.H. Huxley, at 7:13 PM  

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