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Friday, November 04, 2005

John Silber on ID (0 comments)

Could he be any more ignorant?
The critical question posed for evolutionists is not about the survival of the fittest but about their arrival. Biologists arguing for evolution have been challenged by critics for more than a hundred years for their failure to offer any scientific explanation for the arrival of the fittest. Supporters of evolution have no explanation beyond their dogmatic assertion that all advances are explained by random mutations and environmental influences over millions of years.
1. Get it right. It's billions of years. Makes a big difference.
2. Visit astrobio.net, where the evolutionists keep forging ahead.
3. Before spouting about dogma, read something by Eve Jablonka or Lynn Margulis.
4. Until you do, shut up.

As usual, Dembski omits the only paragraph worth saving:
Creationists cannot deny the fact of evolution—the development over extended periods of time of new forms of life and the survival of those forms that are the fittest. These aspects of the theory of evolution are adequately confirmed by facts and must be accepted as facts by rational observers. Those who insist that human beings were originally created in their present form are as irrational as those who believe the world is flat.
Take that, Tom Bethell. Or, for that matter, Tom Friedman.

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