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Saturday, November 26, 2005

ID on Paula Zahn Now (1 comments)

To pre-empt any whining: notice that the ID discussion was arranged by the Religion / Values reporter.

Notice also the cheery assessment that IDers look like they're having more fun.

If only style points mattered in determining what gets labeled "science." Yowza--that tie!


CharlesW's comment takes cake, eats it, and regurgitates it.
What really gets to me is the repeated attacks on the honesty of the ID proponents. The accusations that Dembski censors or that Behe ignores evidence are nothing more than lies by people who feel a need to compensate for a lack of any real evidence supporting their side. Behe is an honorable man. Dembski is an honorable man. They are all honorable men.
That Dembski censors isn't an accusation. It's a fact, one that even Dembski admits. That Behe ignores evidence is also irrefutable. What's telling is the use of "honorable men." One doesn't have to be a dead Britisher to recognize the deep Shakespearean irony in the phrase.

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