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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Eschewing Enthrallment in Science (0 comments)

Dembski links, and thinks: "As you read this riff on Kuhn, ask yourself why ID should or shouldn’t fit into this characterization of the scientific enterprise."

Did he read the whole article?
When the exploratory phase provides reasonably reliable observations, the research enters the pilot phase, during which a small number of experiments, usually six to eight, are replicated under identical experimental conditions. The pilot phase is the experiential test of the exploratory phase. A statistical power calculation of the pilot data will predict the size of study necessary in order for the hypotheses-testing phase to have a reasonable probability of success.
Yet the biologist poster child for ID, Michael Behe, isn't even interested in performing the right experiments.

Science happens in a lab, not a courtroom. Get busy, Dembski's ilk. You've gotta lotta work to do.


What he said.

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