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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Designer’s “Skill-Set” (1 comments)

Dembski feels the need to smack down the satirists.
The designer responsible for biological complexity, by contrast, need only be a being capable of arranging finite material objects to display certain patterns. Accordingly, this designer need not even be infinite. Likewise, that designer need not be personal or transcendent (cf. the “designer” in Stoic philosophy).

Bottom line: Jon Stewart & Co. are funny people, but their one-liners are no substitute for clear thinking.

Problem is, neither is Dembski. Instant replay, Mr. Brayton:
But in fact, we don't even need to do this analysis to show that, by Dembski and the DI's reasoning, the designer must be transcendant and supernatural. Dembski himself did the analysis for us in The Act of Creation: Bridging Transcendence and Immanence when he wrote:

"The fine-tuning of the universe, about which cosmologists make such a to-do, is both complex and specified and readily yields design. So too, Michael Behe's irreducibly complex biochemical systems readily yield design. The complexity-specification criterion demonstrates that design pervades cosmology and biology. Moreover, it is a transcendent design, not reducible to the physical world. Indeed, no intelligent agent who is strictly physical could have presided over the origin of the universe or the origin of life."

This is yet another example of the Janus-like nature of the ID movement, presenting one face to one group when it is convenient to do so, then the opposite face to another group when that is convenient. The thing that astonishes is how brazen Dembski is about it.
It no longer astonishes this reanimated corpse.

Bonus: Dembski is back to his censoring ways.

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  • This guy has insulated himself and his apostles. Reason frightens his flock.

    It must be a 'three monkey' thing; hear no...see no...speak no evil?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:44 PM  

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