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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Even-Handed Treatment of ID at Cornell (0 comments)

Put yourself in Provine's shoes. How would you respond?
"When I asked [Phillip Johnson] about humans and chimpanzees — 'Do they share a common ancestor?' — he immediately offered up the theory that genetic similarity offers no guide for relations,” Provine said. "He said it doesn’t make any differences if chimpanzees have 99 percent of the same genome."
Yep. Doesn't make any difference. Welcome to the grand theory of Intelligent Design. What is any serious biologist to do with such a statement? Laugh? Cry? Call for help?

When Intelligent Design offers a more parsimonious explanation than common descent for the remarkable similarity between apes and humans--in fact, when it offers any explanation at all--then we'll talk about "even-handed" treatment.

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