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Monday, October 10, 2005

Flamboyant Theological Quotes (0 comments)

It is obvious that quotes about the theological implications of ID do nothing to undercut ID as a scientific program. Why? Because it isn't a scientific program in the first place.
Actually, one will be hard pressed to show that ID is religion based on my logos quote. Many biblical scholars agree that the author of John’s Gospel drew inspiration from the Stoics in identifying Christ with the logos. The logos of the Stoics was an intelligence operating in nature that gave form to the world of matter — this parallels ID’s refutation of materialist reductionism and its emphasis on the indispensability of intelligence in structuring the natural world.
Or, in other words, if ID is reanimated Stoicism with a dash of Johanine philosophizin' about the Cosmic Christ, no one in their right mind would refer to it as "science"--even if it ain't "religion." (The American idiom is so quaint.)

Barbara Forrest is right. Dembski "...[w]ould have done ID better service by never getting a seminary degree or exploring what [he takes] to be the theological implications of ID." He could then focus solely on developing an actual scientific program known as Intelligent Design, and dispense himself of the delusion that it "holds up under general scrutiny," or that its claims "stand on their own merits."

Fair-minded people, of course, understand the point.

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