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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Creationism's Reluctance to Enter ID's Big Tent (0 comments)

Remember that crazy uncle who always livened up family outings with his ramblings about the yeti and the chupacabra and alien autopsies? Most folks found him entertaining, except that nerdy scientist from State U. who would get surly under the collar every time Uncle Crackpot started spouting his, well, crackpot theories.

Well, now Uncle C's son is all grown up and is a chip off the old crank. Except now he's a little less grating, a little more subtle in his presentation. The chupacabra and the yeti are just different manifestations of a larger Conspiracy Inference, he'll argue with a smile. He has a lot of sciency-sounding mathemagical formulas, too, that impress the unlettered.

His persistent refusal to specify how or when or where the Conspiracy Inference operates has frustrated Uncle Crackpot to no end. Any wonder, then, that Uncle C is a little peevish and won't attend the family reunion this year?

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